Third-Party Recovery Attorneys in Billings, Montana

Make the Recovery Process Easier

Meet with A Workers' Compensation Attorney in Billings, MT

No matter the situation, getting into an accident is always a messy and complicated affair-especially if multiple parties are involved. If more than one party is to blame for your injuries, then more than one party should pay for your recovery. Gerstner Adam Law can help you seek compensation from another party even if you're already seeking compensation from your employer. You can rely on a workers' compensation attorney from our law firm to help you through the 3rd party recovery process with the utmost care.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

A workplace injury attorney in Billings, MT can help you get reimbursed for lost wages and medical bills by an employer. If another party also contributed to your accident, Gerstner Adam Law can help you start the 3rd party recovery process. Workers' compensation attorneys Colin Gerstner and Paul Adam can:

  • Listen to your story
  • Gather evidence and analyze the facts surrounding your accident
  • Work with you on a long-term medical treatment plan
  • Fight aggressively for your compensation

To speak with a workplace injury attorney in Billings, MT, call today. You can schedule a free consultation right away.