Head Injury Attorneys in Billings, Montana

Employees involved in a workplace accident may suffer minor or severe head injuries, including brain injuries, TBIs, concussions, or skull fractures. Thankfully, Montana laws allow employees who are hurt in a work-related accident to recover benefits, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits, by filing a workers' compensation claim. If you have suffered a head injury as a result of your job, you may be eligible to seek workers' compensation benefits. 

Over the years, our firm has successfully helped injured employees recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in their workers' compensation cases. Our experienced workers' comp attorneys can evaluate the magnitude of your head injury and determine the benefits you may be entitled to receive. Gerstner Adam Law proudly serves clients across Billings, Montana, and the surrounding areas of Miles City, Glendive, and Sidney. 

Common Head Injuries at Work

A head injury is a general term used to describe various injuries or trauma that occur to the brain, skull, scalp, as well as tissues and blood vessels in the head. Some common head injuries that an employee can suffer at the workplace include: 

  • Brain Injuries  

  • Skull fracture 

  • Concussions   

  • Subdural hematoma 

  • Traumatic brain injuries  

  • Brain damage 

Unfortunately, an injury to the head can be life-threatening and affect your ability to work. Hence, employers are often required to create a safe and healthy work environment. At the same time, workers must follow all safety procedures and avoid actions that may cause a workplace accident or work-related head injury. 

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Causes of Head Injuries

Some common causes of head injuries at the workplace include: 

  • Slips, trips, and falls 

  • Walking into a solid and stationary object 

  • Motor vehicle accidents 

  • Being struck in the head with an object 

  • Being hit in the head by a moving or falling object 

  • Malfunctioning equipment 

  • Explosions 

  • Falling from an elevated position 

Symptoms of a Head Injury

Furthermore, head injuries may either be open (penetrating) or closed. Some common symptoms of concussion, traumatic brain injury, and other kinds of head injuries include: 

  • Headache 

  • Vomiting or nausea 

  • Pressure in head 

  • Balance problems or dizziness 

  • Blurry vision. 

  • Fatigue or drowsiness 

  • Affected by noise or light. 

  • Feeling sluggish, foggy, or hazy. 

  • Problems with speech 

  • Confusion, concentration, or memory problems. 

  • Feeling down or not feeling right. 

  • Sensory issues 

  • Shallow cut in the scalp. 

  • Swollen area in the head due to a bruise or bump. 

Once you experience any of the symptoms above, you should seek a qualified doctor immediately for adequate medical treatment. A reliable attorney can help document your injuries and symptoms and enlighten you about the next steps to take. 

What to Do if You Get a Head Injury at Work

If you have suffered a work-related head injury, here's what you should do, where possible: 

  • Inform your supervisor or employer about the head injury. 

  • Seek immediate medical treatment. 

  • Document your injuries, symptoms, medical treatments, and health records. 

  • Complete any required workers' compensation forms. 

  • Hire an experienced attorney to help file your workers' compensation claims. 

  • Only resume work when your physician clears you to return to work. 

Time Limit for Filing Workers' Compensation Claim

Under Montana workers' compensation laws, injured employees are required to notify their employer about the workplace head injury within 30 days of the incident. In addition, the plaintiff must file a workers' compensation claim with the insurance provider, their employer, or the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) within 12 months of the work-related head injury. 

Available Benefits

The following benefits may be recovered by filing a workers' compensation claim in Montana: 

  • Medical benefits, such as reasonable doctor, medical care, medication, and hospital costs. 

  • Wage loss and disability benefits, including Temporary total disability (TTD), Temporary partial disability (TPD), Permanent partial disability (PPD), and Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. 

  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits. 

  • Ongoing care 

  • Death benefits and funeral costs, where applicable. 

Work With Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Getting hurt at work can be difficult and emotional. Such a head injury can affect every aspect of your life and make you unable to work temporarily or for an extended period. Regardless, you're not alone. Hence, if you have suffered a work-related head injury, hiring an experienced workers' compensation attorney is crucial. 

At Gerstner Adam Law, we can walk you through the complex procedures involved in filing workers' compensation claims and help seek your maximum available benefits. 

Head Injury Attorneys in Billings, Montana

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