When Injustice Happens
Gerstner Adam Law Can Balance the Scales

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Sometimes, life can be completely unfair. You do your best to live a good life, and in a matter of seconds, the rug is pulled out from under you. You did nothing to bring this situation upon yourself, and yet, here you are.

Maybe you or a family member got injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall or suffered a workplace injury. Now, the insurance company that is supposed to pay your medical bills has refused to do so. Maybe you were discriminated against or got fired from your job for no good reason. Maybe a debt collector is suing you for money that you don't really owe. Or maybe a product or service you bought didn't work as advertised and has caused you harm.

A personal injury attorney from Gerstner Adam Law can help you fight back against the injustice caused by someone else's mistake. We can also help with your workers' compensation claim.

Why choose Gerstner Adam Law?

Prior to opening his own firm, Colin Gerstner worked for a judge in both state and federal court. He also worked with some of the best attorneys in the state. As a result of those experiences and relationships, Colin Gerstner knows how judges make their decisions, and he knows how to prepare persuasive arguments that resonate with them.

When you hire Gerstner Adam Law, you won't be working with some sleazy attorney who's looking out for his own best interests. You'll work with a local injury attorney who:

Takes pride in being a member of the Billings, MT community

Cares about making the lives of his clients better

Fights for your rights while you focus on getting things back on track

You can trust personal injury attorney Colin Gerstner and Paul Adam of Gerstner Adam Law to get to know you and your story on a personal level. They'll be honest about what you should expect and what needs to be done to achieve a favorable outcome.

To speak with an experienced injury attorney in Billings, MT, contact Gerstner Adam Law today. You can count on us to fight aggressively for your due compensation-and only take a check when you do.

It's time to rebuild

You're not the greedy "I'm going to sue you" type. You just need help getting your life back on track. You're drowning in bills that aren't a result of your own actions, and you deserve compensation to get back on solid footing. Gerstner Adam Law can help you make sure companies think twice before treating another person the way they treated you.

Gerstner Adam Law understands how hard it can be to rebuild your life, let alone fight against powerful, deep-pocketed companies. Over the past several years, Gerstner Adam Law has fought for the rights of countless clients, giving them the time and resources they need to focus on putting their lives back together.

To find out what our injury attorney can do for you, call 406-969-3100 today. You can schedule a free consultation right away.

Profit-over-people companies shouldn't determine the kind of life you're able to live.

Contact us to get help recovering what you need to live your life as fully as possible.

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